Girls’ Basketball 1904-05: This, the first photograph we have of girls’ basketball, was taken when seven girls got together to play. The goal was, “…to correct abnormal tendencies and to form correct habits of carriage and action and physical control.” Former faculty member and Plainfield resident Mary Cassedy, recalled that her mother, Madge Daniels, class of 1906, was one of the organizers and was “…an active woman who didn’t like corsets or behaving like a lady.  Bloomers were probably a pleasure for her to wear.” Girls’ basketball at KUA had its first interscholastic game in 1925. They won their first game against Proctor Academy 28-15 and finished the season 2-2.

Kimball Union’ First Basketball Team: “On January 12, 1907, the first basketball team that has ever represented K.U.A. played Stevens High School at Claremont, N.H. Considering the difficulties under which the team has had to practice and the fact that these men had never before played together, the result was a gratifying surprise to all the supporters of K.U.A. Stevens had the advantage of being accustomed to the floor on which the game was played, and this undoubtedly made a difference in the final result.” The final score which took three periods to decide was K.U.A. 8 – Stevens High School 9 – The Kimball Union, February 1907.

Silver Gymnasium was not dedicated until 1914 which makes having basketball teams all the more impressive. I’m not exactly sure where they practiced, but there was a “gymnasium” in the basement of Baxter Hall with weights and climbing apparatus, so, I imagine, they somehow managed to practice there.